Parish Coordinating Council (PCC)


Vatican Council II, Laity #26
Councils should be set up to assist the Church’s apostolic work, whether in the field of evangelisation and sanctifications, or in the fields of charity, religious workings and the rest, the clergy and the religious working with the laity in whatever way proves satisfactory.
• To assist in the apostolic work of the Church as stated in the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan and 
     articulated by the Parish Pastoral Council.
• Define objectives and implement programmes of action derived from the Parish Pastoral Plan
• Through coordinated and concerted efforts.
• Decision-making through consensus where possible.



Monsignor Leonard Lexson (President / Parish Pastor)
Patrick Anthony (Chairman)
Michael Tan (Vice-Chairman)
Sebastian William (BECCOT)
Eria Raja (Liturgy)
Mark Ira (Hospitality)
Micheal Dass (Catechetical)
Selvanathan S. & Esther Keong (Family Life)
Anne Raymond (PIHD)
Maria Yan (Mission Concerns)
Sylvia Gomez (Social Communication)
Luke Satish (St John’s Youth)
Isaac Culas (St John’s Young Adult)
Emmanuel Nworie (Spirituality & Renewal)
Jaisentha Raj (Legion of Mary)