BECCOT – Basic Ecclesial Communities Coordinating Team


Monsignor Leonard Lexson – Advisor

Sebastian William (St Anne & Joachim BEC) – Coordinator

Raymond J (St John’s BEC) – Assistant Coordinator


BECCOT Formations will be conducted by the BECAT team comprising of:

1. Maria Yan
2. Richard Chia
3. Sebastian William
4. Raymond J
5. Eria Raja Lourdes
6. Chui Lean
7. Mary Ann Pingguan
8. Joyce Joseph
9. Patrick Anthony
10. Ignatius Rajan



• To oversee the overall Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) building activity
• To plan and organise training for all Area BEC Core Teams
• To structure Zones and BECs as the need arises
• To coordinate activities at Zone and BEC levels
• To send representatives to all PCC meetings where relevant


The BECCOT meets once a month on the last Thursday of the month.  Topics discussed includes:


  • the Formation Topic for the next month’s BECCOT Gathering
  • the Agenda for the next month’s BECCOT Gathering


The BECCOT Gathering is held on the 1st Wednesday of the month and all BEC Core Team members are required to attend this Gathering.  Each BEC Core Team has a minimum of five (5) members and there are currently fourteen (17) BECs in the Cathedral of St John.


The BEC Gathering starts at 7.00pm with a Fellowship which every BEC takes a turn to organise.  The Fellowship usually lasts until 7.30pm wherein the planned Formation for the month will begin.  The Formation usually lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the Topic.


This is followed by the Business Matters section of the BECCOT Gathering which is conducted by the Coordinator.  There will be updates on pending issues and new information followed by the Reports from each BEC.


Please refer to the calendar below for a list of planned activities for your reference.

 A web version is available here: BECCOT Calendar 2019