St. Anthony

BEC General Information

Core Team Members

Coordinator:            Rebecca Kavidha

Asst. Coordinator : Chuka Felix okwuosah

Messenger:               Grace Dewi

Messenger:               Silvuvai Robert  (Tamil Speaking)

Youth Messenger:   Alysson Ann Lourdes


The BEC of St. Anthony covers the following areas:

  • Persiaran Desa Ampang
  • Taman Sri Watan
  • Taman Halaman
  • Taman Dagang Jaya
  • Taman Bukit Ampang
  • Taman Kesuma
If you would like to become a member of this BEC, you can contact the Coordinator via the Parish Office at 03 2078 1876

About the BEC of St Anthony

We chose St. Anthony of Padua as our patron saint as a third of our BEC members attend and are very involved in St. Anthony’s Church, Kuala Lumpur. Currently, we are unable to pinpoint the exact year when the BEC was formed; however, it is most likely in the early 80’s.


BEC Events

The BEC of St Anthony regularly organises events for its members such as:

        –    Monthly Gatherings
        –    BEC Mass

Below are some photos from various BEC of St Anthony’s events:


BEC Youth – Washing of Feet on 16th March 2018
BEC Way of the Cross on 16th February 2018
BEC Lenten Project 2018
BEC Christmas Party on 6th January 2018
BEC Gathering & Rosary on 13th July 2017


BEC Anniversary Mass on 30th June 2017
BEC Family Day @ Lake Gardens on 27th May 2017
BEC Rosary & Mother’s Day Celebrations on 19th May 2017