St. Pio – Defunct as of 1st September 2018

BEC General Information

Core Team Members

Co-ordinator                                   :         Ignatius Rajan

Asst. Co-ordinator                       :         Mery Phillip

Messenger – Secretary             :         Diana Nicholas

Messenger – Treasurer             :         Eddie & Carryn

Messenger – Family Life          :         Selvanathan & Esther

Messenger – PIHD                      :         Mark Ira

Messenger – Liturgy                  :         Ignatius Rajan

Messenger – Special Events  :         Augustine Arokiasamy

Messenger – Special Events  :         Linda Herbert

Messenger – Youth                     :         Michelle Nathan




The BEC of St. Pio covers the following areas:

  • Taman Kosas
  • Taman Ampang Indah
  • Taman Bukit Indah

If you would like to become a member of this BEC, you can contact the Coordinator via the Parish Office at 03 2078 1876.


About our Patron Saint, St Padre Pio


Padre Pio entered the Capuchins at the age of 15. He was ordained on August 10th of 1910. He was then assigned to Saint Giovanni Rotondo in 1916 and lived there until his death. He received the stigmatas on the 20th of September of 1918 and had them for 50 years. He entered eternal life on the 23rd of September of 1968, was beatified by Pope John Paul II on the 2nd of May of 1999 and canonized by him on the 16th of June of 2002. 


“I only want to be a friar who prays…”

“Pray, wait, and do not worry. Worrying is useless. God is merciful and will listen to your prayer… Prayer is the best weapon we have; it is the key to the heart of God. You should speak to Jesus, not only with your lips but with your heart. In reality, in some occasions you should speak to Him with the heart….” –Padre Pio


Padre Pio is one of the greatest mystics of our time, loved everywhere in the world. He taught us how to live a radical love for the heart of Jesus and for His Church. His life was prayer, sacrifice, and poverty. He attained a profound union with God.  A famous confessor, Padre Pio spent up to 16 hours daily in the confessional. Some had to wait up to two weeks to be able to go to confession with him because the Lord allowed them to see through this simple priest the truth of the Gospel. His life was centered on and revolved around the Eucharist. His Masses moved the hearts of the faithful due to his profound devotion which he attained through the Virgin Mary.




Extraordinary discernment:          He had the ability to read hearts and consciences.

Prophecy:                                                 He was able to announce events of the future.

Healing:                                                     Miraculous healings attributed to him through the power of prayer.

Bilocation:                                                He was able to be in two places at the same time.

Perfume:                                                   The blood of his stigmata smelled like flowers.


A multitude of pilgrims would go see him and he also received many letters asking for prayer and advice.


The doctors who studied the stigmata of Padre Pio were not able to heal his wounds or give an explanation for them.  They calculated that he would lose a cup of blood daily, but his wounds never became infected. Padre Pio would say that they were a gift from God and an opportunity to struggle to be more and more like Jesus Christ Crucified.


His beatification had the most attendance in history. The plaza of Saint Peter and its surroundings were not able to contain the multitude that attended his beatification.


Padre Pio is a powerful intercessor. The miracles continue to multiply.


“St. Pio of Pietrielcina, pray for us.”



1887 – May 25:                     Born in Pietrelcina, Italia
1903 – January 6:                At the age of 15 years, he enters the Franciscan novitiate (OFM Cap.) in Morcone.

1904 – January 22:             Professes as a Franciscan
1910 – August 10:               Priestly ordination in Benevento
1918 – September 20:      Receives the stigmata (the wounds of Christ)
1923 – 1933                           He was prohibited from celebrating Mass in public and from communicating with his spiritual children; victim of calumny.

1947                                            The prayer groups of Padre Pio begin.
1956 – May 5:                        Inauguration of the house “Sollievo della Sofferenza” (alleviating suffering) 

1968 – September 23:      Passes away in San Giovanni Rotondo
1998 – December 21:        Recognition of his first miracle
1999 – May 2:                         Beatification
2001 – December 20:        Recognition of second miracle
2002 – June 16:                     Canonization in the Vatican


BEC Events


BEC Feast Day Mass – 15th September 2017 – for more info, visit Feast Day Mass – September 2017


The BEC of St. Pio frequently organises events for it members such as:


– Monthly gatherings on every 4th Wednesday of each calendar month.

– Rosary recitation on every 3rd Friday of each calendar month.

– Mass Co-ordination twice a year

– Easter Fellowship

– Pilgrimage trips

– BEC Anniversary Mass

– Home Visits by priest

– Christmas Gathering

– Carolling




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