Pre-Baptismal Instruction

In the Rite of Baptism for Children, the priest or deacon addresses parents in the following words:


You have asked to have your children baptised. In doing so you are accepting the responsibility of training them in the practice of the faith. It will be your duty to bring them up to keep God’s commandments as Christ taught us, by loving God and our neighbour. Do you clearly understand what you are undertaking?


With these words, the Church entrusts parents with the responsibility of raising their children in the Catholic faith. It is critical, therefore, that parents prepare for their vital role by deepening their own faith life, both before the Baptism of their children and long after it, so that their response to this challenge may be wholehearted, through all the years of their children’s growth and spiritual development.


In the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, baptism for infants is celebrated on every 3rd Saturday of the month at 4.30pm. All parents and godparents are required to attend a mandatory 3-hours Pre-Baptismal Instruction session on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 3.00pm to 6.00pm. This preparatory session is to help parents and godparents understand the sacrament and equally important, their roles and responsibilities in the spiritual development of the child.


The Pre-Baptismal Instruction for parents and godparents provide the following:


  • Help the parents and godparents become more aware of their Christian responsibilities.
  • Impress upon the parents the need to foster a home environment that will help the child grow as a Christian.
  • Emphasise the communal aspects of the sacrament.
  • Explain the form and meaning of the ceremony.


For further details and registration, please contact the parish office or the Coordinator, Edmund Adrian via email:

Please download and complete the Baptism Registration Form