Blossoms & Buddies

There were times in our society when parents are concerned about children in their families who are growing up, whether they are getting enough guidance in school, whether they are learning anything, whether they are mixing with the right friends, whether they have the correct spiritual teaching, and whether they will grow up with the correct values and ethics.


There are also times when we hear of young girls in primary school age being kidnapped, or strayed and left home. It was because of these concerns that Blossoms (Girls Ministry of Christ) was founded in Cathedral of St John the Evangelist in 2008, catering to these young girls from 10 to 12 years of age.


Back then, Blossoms’ Girls (as they are called) would stay back once every fortnight after RE (Sunday School) for an additional hour or so, to learn the spiritual basis of being Catholic girl, who will blossom and grow gracefully into fine young lady with their spirituality centred on Christ. Blossoms, unlike Sunday School, draws on the synergy of peer group sharing, sharing on topics relevant to their life, family and being an individual.


In 2014, after the Sunday School times were extended to 1.5 hours, it was no longer feasible for these young girls to stay back after Sunday school, as that meant they would be in church until afternoon. As such, the Catechetical Ministry, together with the Parish Priest, made a decision to incorporate the “Blossoms style and method” into Sunday School, for both the girls and boys aged 10-11 years old. (ie: Primary 4 and 5 for those following the Malaysian Education system).


Because of the nature of Blossoms style sharing, the boys group was aptly named “Buddies” (as in Buds and Blossoms). Thus, once a month on every Third Sunday, the boys and girls of both classes are separated and sessions are conducted at two venues.


  • A typical Blossoms and Buddies’ sessions is highly interactive, fun-filled and at times may get very loud and noisy, as the children are encouraged to speak out, share and interact among each other, as well as with the facilitators.
  • Activities may include fellowship, singing of hymns, small group sharing and discussions on topics of interest and concerns for children of that age group.
  • Describe and show an understanding of the role and importance of special people.
  • Appreciate the Christian response to moral issues.


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