Malaysian Catechetical Series

The Malaysian Catechetical Series (MCS) is published by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Malaysia, and was first launched in 2005. The series comes in four languages – English, Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil and Chinese. The publication comprises two versions: The Learner’s edition, used by the learners of the Catholic faith, and the Catechist’s edition, used by faith educators or catechist of the Catholic faith.


Each level is based on a theme, and each level becomes the building block for the next levels. As such, a person who undergoes ten years of faith education would have covered all the essential topics in their faith journey.


The following are the ten levels of the MCS and its focus:


Level 1. God Loves Us, covers CREATION, how God created the world, human beings, angels, nature, our parents, brothers and sisters and everything on earth.

Level 2. God Gives Us His Son, covers GOD’S PLAN – His Covenant & Promise, the miracles of Jesus and JESUS CHRIST, SON OF GOD WHO BECAME MAN.

Level 3. God Gives Us His Life, covers JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF MAN – His humanity and His story while on earth.

Level 4. God Gives Us Joy, covers COMMANDMENTS OF LIFE, The Way of Jesus and His BEATITUDES OF HAPPINESS.

Level 5. God Calls Us To Be Holy, covers PRAYER & SACRAMENTS – living a life that measures up to the standard God set when He called you, HEALING, COMMITMENT and VOCATION.

Level 6. God Forms His People, covers GROWTH, RELATIONSHIP – Discovering your Uniqueness & Giftedness as Human Being and Child of God, and MAKING CHOICES.

Level 7. God Saves His People, covers SALVATION HISTORY – Revelation by God, the Call of Abraham, The Chosen People and the Journey of the Israelites, and CALL TO MISSION

Level 8. God Is With Us, covers JESUS THE LIFE GIVER – Who is Jesus? Does God really exist?

Level 9. God Gives Us The Church, covers THE CHURCH – As the body of Christ, and The Four Marks of the Church

Level 10. God’s Spirit Empowers Us, covers THE HOLY SPIRIT – The Gifts and Fruits, Signs and symbols of the Sacrament of Confirmation


The levels for those receiving their Sacrament of Holy Eucharist is at Level 3 and for the Sacrament of Confirmation is after the completion of Level 10.