Parent’s Group

The Parents’ Group was started by the Cathedral alongside RE (Sunday School) to cater for parents’ needs who send their children for RE classes. Parents are always considered the primary catechists of children in a Catholic family. Parents are the source of inspiration for children in their quest for knowledge and for the deepening of faith. It is therefore important that the parents know about their faith and of the Word of God.


It is on this basis that the Parents’ Group was founded.


There are speakers and facilitators giving talks and classes for the RE parents. Previous speakers include laity Catholics from various parish ministries. There were sessions conducted especially for study on Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), Youcat, Catholic Social Teachings (Salt of the Earth), and specific topics based on the Bible.  


The topics covered in the Parents’ Group are varied and diverse, catering to various aspects of the Catholic faith and spirituality. Sessions are conducted interactively, informally and in a fun way using visuals, video sessions and small group sharing. Parents are greatly encouraged to ask questions and seek answers, as every parent who has a growing child will know how inquisitive today’s modern urban children can be.


We have had topics ranging from Introduction to the Bible, Life and Times of Paul the Apostle, Preview of the Act of the Apostles, History of the Church, Book preview of the Books of Revelation, the Books of Maccabees, Letters of Paul to the various Christian communities, Traditions of the Church, Catholic Prayers and Popular Devotions, etc.


There is no fixed “syllabus” and no formalities. Depending on the parents present, their needs and sometimes aligning with the RE calendar and Church season, topics are planned accordingly.


The Parents Group sessions are conducted at the St John’s Primary School from 9.00am – 10.30am every Sunday during RE classes.


For enquiries, please contact Esther Keong via email: