Lectors & Commentators



Coordinator : Tianne Ramona Pereira

Assistant Coordinator : Daniel Lee


Weekday Mass Coordinator : Perpetua Ng

Assistant Mass Coordinator : Christine Roberts


Friday Mass Coordinator  (1.00pm) : Magdalene Han

Assistant Mass Coordinator:  -


Saturday Mass Coordinator (6.30pm) : Daniel Lee

Assistant Mass Coordinator : Ricky Espineli Thain


Sunday Mass Coordinator (7.30am) : Alyshia Ann Lourdes

Assistant Mass Coordinator : Jacqueline Fiona


Sunday Mass Coordinator (10.45am) : Rebecca Kavitha

Assistant Mass Coordinator : Fatima Jacqueline


Sunday Mass Coordinator (6.00pm) : Sera Ling

Assistant Mass Coordinator : Sophia Kulasegram

  1. Ayshia Ann Lourdes
  2. Barbara Esterlita Perera
  3. Cecelia Song Kim Lian
  4. Daniel Lee Chun Wei
  5. Danamary Doraisamy
  6. Denise Nalini Livera Tennakoon
  7. Fatima Jacqueline
  8. Feria Singeh Wirba
  9. Gabriel Yong
  10. Hannah Loh Jie Tsin
  11. Isaac Culas A/L Donald Culas
  12. Jacqueline Fiona a/p Charles Sebastian
  13. Janell Valenton Ilagan
  14. Joanna Lenta Samana
  15. Joyce Joseph
  16. Katrina Empiang Adrian
  17. Kelly Felicia De Souza
  18. Kent Supan David
  19. Linda Kow Sooi Lin Eggers
  20. Magdalene Han Siew Yoong
  21. Maria Laura Lazaro-Beyer
  22. Mary Anne Arokiasamy
  23. Mary Teoh Swee Gaik
  24. Mary Yap Shiang Ping
  25. Maurisha Jane Balachandran
  26. Michelle Sarah Nathan
  27. Obinna Charles Nwoye
  28. Rebecca Kavitha
  29. Rosalind Chai Yoke Lean
  30. Rosery S.Sebastian
  31. Ricky Espineli Thain
  32. Sathish A/L Suppiah
  33. Seraphim Ling
  34. Shannon Christopher A/L Patrick George
  35. Shareen Alvina a/p Patrick George
  36. Terence D. Meta
  37. Tianne Ramona Pereira
  38. Veronica Tan
  39. Vimala Sophia Kulasegram
  1. Angeline Edward
  2. Christine Robert
  3. Clyne Pereira
  4. Lilian Wong
  5. Pepetua Ng
  6. Renee Arulraj
  7. Shirley Decena
  8. Sylvia Boudville
  9. Veronica Francis


"He is present in His Word, since it is He Himself who speaks when the Holy Scriptures are read in the Church."

(Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, n. 7)"

Christians have gathered together to listen the word of God for as far as we can remember, and from the very beginning, individuals have been entrusted with the task of reading out the word. That service has developed over the course of time to that of the lector and commentator at the Mass we celebrate today.

This is a ministry where we the lay faithful, joyfully commit ourselves to grow spiritually and perform duties and responsibilities, specifically in proclaiming the Word at liturgical celebrations.

We are tasked to ensure that sacred scripture is accorded due meaning and significance for parishioners to clearly and prayerfully hear the Word of God, ultimately leading them to a true Catholic life.

In a nutshell, we share in the mission of proclaiming God’s word to the worshiping community.

Being a lector or commentator is a great way to deepen our appreciation of holy scripture.

If you would like to join us in serving as a lector or commentator, please contact Daniel Lee at 012 – 2127866 or Tianne Pereira at 017-6982098

General Responsibilities

*Be reliable and serve whole-heartedly

*Prepare self for readings / prayer of the faithful as assigned.

*Proclaim readings at assigned masses as needed, even at masses outside the ordinary. eg. feast days, tridium, days of obligation

*To dress appropriately and at all times maintain reverence in the House of God

*To attend practice on Saturday at 10.00am - 11.30am - on assigned to serve weeks

 *Attend formations when required

To join our ministry, you must

*Have received the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation.

*Desire to proclaim God’s word.

*Have the ability to confidently speak in a clear voice.


We, the lectors and commentators of the Cathedral of St John the Evangelist, believe that our responsibility does not end at mass, but it is carried out into our daily lives - we need to glorify God by our lives. With this in mind, we commit ourselves to being a ministry that is not stagnant but one that moves forward together, organizing at least one activity every quarter (every 4 months), that allows us to grow spiritually, as a community or as an individual.  Some of the projects we have carried out are as shared below :

Objective : With the assignment of a new committee, this was a session to get to know each other and Msgr Leonard Lexson, build relationships as well as address the direction / mission of the ministry.


Objective : to come together in prayer as a ministry.


Objective : to give back to the community, while doing our part in alms giving this lent. This project also strengthens relationships among those in the ministry.


Objective : to come together in prayer and preparation for Easter, as a ministry.


In efforts for prepare ourselves for Easter, the Lectors and Commentators had a group reflection session, based on the book The Seven Last Words of Christ from the cross. This was a 7 day self-retreat, beginning the week end of Palm Sunday and ending on Good Friday. This session was carried out via the L&C WhatsApp group.




Objective : to come together in prayer as a ministry.

Objective : To improve the ability of the Lectors and Commentators to proclaim the Word of God and learn proper etiquette during Mass