Projection Ministry

Committee Members

Jennifer Olivia – Coordinator (email:

Jaisentha Raj – Asst Coordinator (email:

Mary Yap

Marissa Annabel

Sunny James Okonkwo

Rebecca Lee

Sophia Sebastian

Gregorius Ivan

Tamil Vani Senthanasamy

Marie Anthony



About the Projection Ministry

The Projection Ministry was established five (5) years ago under the guidance of former Assistant Parish Priest Rev. Father William Michael and was headed by the Jennifer Olivia as the Coordinator.

The purpose of the Ministry is to project the hymns and the Order of the Mass accurately in an effort to aid the congregation in following the Liturgy.  It also helps the congregation to stay focused on the Mass by projecting the lyrics of the hymns and the Liturgy of the Word, Prayer of the Faithful and other prayers during Mass.  Each week the coordinators will type out the hymns and the readings to be projected onto the screen during the weekend Masses. The projectionist on duty will arrive 30 minutes before Mass begins to set up the computer, check on the hymns and to ensure that all is in order for the Mass projections.  The projectionists will usually serve at the Mass that they normally attend and there are two (2) projectionists who take turns to be on duty every other week.

At the moment the Projection Ministry is on the look out for another relief projectionist for the 6.00pm Mass on Sundays.  Earlier during the year (2017), we recruited four (4) new trainees who can now perform their duties independently.  Training consists of requiring the trainee to ‘shadow’ a senior projectionist during Mass.  The first few times, the trainee will just observe and then subsequently the training will become more hands-on with the trainee required to actually perform the projectionist duties during Mass under the guidance of the senior projectionist.  Once the senior projectionist is confident of the trainee’s abilities, the trainee will then ‘graduate’ and be assigned Mass duties as per the Projectionist Schedule.

If  the projectionist is unable to make it for duty, he/she is required to arrange for a replacement and inform the coordinator one (1) week in advance.

Being a projectionist requires a lot of focus and attention to be given to the mass proper and it requires a person who is not only good with computers but also someone who is dedicated and willing to serve the Lord responsibly.


PROJECTION MINISTRY MISSION – Leading people towards Christ


PROJECTION MINISTRY VISION – Exalting Jesus Christ through evangelism, discipleship, worship, fellowship and prayer for the glory of God