Social Communication

Social Communication Ministry Committee Members

Sylvia Gomez: Coordinator
Hillary Teoh (CSJ Website & Social Media Manager)
Levinia Gomez (Editor)
Shane Reid (Website Design)
Samuel Andrew Anthony (Website Design)
Alysha Ann Lourdes (CSJ Website)
Alysson Ann Lourdes (CSJ Website)
Timothy Choy (Video/Photographer)
Jennifer Olivia (Photographer)
Luke Satish (Design – Video/Graphic)
Marissa Annabel (CSJ Facebook/Photographer)
Ashley (CSJ Facebook/Photographer)
Michelle Nathan (CSJ Facebook)
The Social Communication Ministry (SCM) was re-established on 15th June 2017 under the guidance of PCC Chairman, Patrick Anthony.  All members attended this meeting and a plan was formed to revitalise and increase the Cathedral’s Social Communication and Media presence.  In the beginning, it was decided that the focus would be on the Cathedral’s Facebook and Twitter platforms.
A challenging task was set with the 1st event to be covered by the Media Ministry being the Corpus Christi Celebration which was held on 18th June 2017.  Everyone was assigned specific tasks including photography and videography of the event.  A post mortem of the event found that we had achieved more than 4,000 viewers of the Facebook Live videos and posts.
Energised by that success, the team then sat down to plan a Social Media Campaign which would run from 2nd July to 27th August 2017 to increase the awareness of the Cathedral’s Media platforms.  Instagram and Youtube Accounts were created and the first video uploaded was the Interview with our Parish Priest, Monsignor Leonard Lexson which received a viewership of more than 500.
The Media Ministry has also performed a total revamp of the Cathedral’s website with new and updated information about the Cathedral, the Parish Priest, the Parish Office, the Ministries, BECs, Events, News, Daily Scripture, Saint of the Day, the Weekly Bulletin/Mass Intentions and also various church related Forms now readily available to Parishioners.  

Social Communication Ministry Mission

To assist in the fulfillment of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to continuously lead people into a new or growing relationship with Jesus Christ through the use of various communication tools and technical knowledge by creating an excellent spiritual and technical atmosphere.  

Social Communication Ministry Vision

To support the Parish Priest in promoting his vision for the Church; to support every Ministry within our Parish with our communication methods and technology in a manner that is helpful and not hindering to accomplish our mission and that of the Parish Priest and the respective Ministries.
The Social Communication Ministry welcomes  contribution of ideas, suggestions, articles, pictures, videos, etc.  We can be reached via email at