Mission Concerns


The Mission Concerns Ministry group started in 2016 consisting of members of the Foreign Communities and Fondacio Malaysia. It used to be called the Migrant Ministry together with the Parish Integral Human Development (PIHD) Ministry.


Below are the respective contact persons:


  1. Tahanang Community Philippines – Contact Person: Sunday/Mary Roxas
  2. Myanmar Community – Contact Person: Raymond Thang
  3. Vietnamese Community – Contact Person: John Duong
  4. African Community – Contact Person: Chuka/Felix
  5. Fondacio Malaysia – Contact Person Maria Yan
  6. Japanese Community – Contact : kljpcatholic@yahoo.co.jp




5 meetings were held during the year 2016 mainly as a gathering to get to know each other. Attendance by the representatives of the communities were not regular due to many who had to work even on Sundays or Saturdays.




The event “International Day” celebrating the diversity of the international communities of the Cathedral of St John the Evangelist was held on 17 September 2017.


It was a resounding success as there was full support from the Parish Priest, Monsignor Leonard Lexson and the Foreign Communities who joined in the preparations and the celebrations of the day.  There was good fellowship among those who attended the event.  The event started out with the celebration of the Eucharist at the usual 10.45 am Sunday Mass.  It was followed by lunch sponsored by the Cathedral.  A few delicacies were also shared by the participating Foreign Communities. Musical performances and cultural and arts presentations were presented which proved to be a great hit with all those who were present.


As each Foreign Mission Community has their own unique needs and challenges, most of them have their own Coordinators and are often working in liaison with the Archdiocesan Office of Human Development (AOHD). Hence the Cathedral’s Mission Concerns group, working together with the PIHD (Parish Integral Human Development) Ministry of the Cathedral of St John the Evangelist, for the moment, caters to gathering those who come to the Cathedral of St John for worship and of which whose needs would be under the Cathedral’s purview. For the moment each Foreign Community sees to their own individual community’s needs


Contributed by Person responsible : Maria Yan (Fondacio Malaysia) Contact no: 012-2015933