Women’s Desk of CSJ

The Women's Desk of the Cathedral of St. John The Evangelist (CSJ) serves to focus on the transformation of Society especially amongst the LOST (the lonely, depressed, divorced and separated who have stayed away from the church) and the LAST (to empower the migrant women in our parish). The empowerment and advocacy involved in this mission is guided by the Teachings of the Social Doctrines of the Catholic Church.



  • Seek to empower the woman to think independently and make her own decisions.
  • Be the guide to determine her life course.
  • Share the struggles of the discriminated and oppressed.
  • Create a new culture and value system.



Denise Phang

Franciska Savarimuthu

Joyce Lawrence

Mary Mariasusai

Maria Yan


Sr. Luke Morales, IJ



In line with their focus, the Women's Desk of CSJ has launched a variety of projects with the more prominent being the St. Mary Magdalene Chat Room and Care for Caregivers. The former project seeks to create a positive environment for sincerity, vulnerability, and healing that serves as a private adobe for those who need a listening ear in any situation. The latter project, Care for Caregivers, is a program that caters to the caregivers of the elderly by providing physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional support.

St. Mary Magdalene Chat Room

Open every Tuesday (6pm - 8pm) and Saturday (10am-12noon); Location: St. Mary Magdalene Room, First Floor, Father's House, Cathedral of St. John The Evangelist. No appointments required.  

Say No to Violence Against Women and Children

Caring for Caregivers

Launch of the Women's Desk in the Archdiocese

CSJ Women's Desk Journey 2011 - 2015

St. Mary Magdalene Room

Caring for Caregivers