Legion of Mary



Msgr Leonard Lexson- Spiritual Director

Linda Kow- President

James Okelie – Vice- President

Jaisentha Raj- Secretary

Alphonsa Fernandez- Treasurer


Ordinary Members

Felecia Fernandez

Brenda Gnanu


Mary Ooi

Julie Joseph

Mary Sebastian

Libuse Connolly

Andrew Chiew





About Us


The Legion of Mary at the Cathedral of St John is known as the Cause of Our Joy Praesidium which consists of 13 members who meet every week at 4pm on Saturdays at the New Community Centre.


Our Praesidium was formed nearly 64 years ago being the oldest Ministry in the Cathedral of St John.


Our Praesidium is now headed by our Spiritual Director Monsignor Leonard Lexson together with four officers namely Linda Kow (President), James Okelie (Vice President), Jaisentha Raj (Secretary) and Alphonsa Fernandez (Treasurer) all of whom are laypeople. Membership is open to all Catholics.


We currently have 13 permanent active members and another 2 members who are on probation. The probationary memberships lasts for three months after which the member will decide whether to join the Legion of Mary by taking up their promise, a pledge of allegiance to the Holy Spirit and to Mother Mary in order to become a permanent active member.


Our Praesidium also has 25 auxiliary members who support the Legion through their prayers. They pray the Legion prayers, the Tessera and the Rosary daily.


Our meeting starts at 4pm with the setting up of the Legion Altar with the statue of Mother Mary that is placed on a white tablecloth that has “Legio Mariae” written on it. On the two sides of Mother Mary is the vexillum which bears the image of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove.


During the meetings all prayers of the Tessera are said. The meeting starts out with the introductory prayers to the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary. This is followed by saying five decades of the Rosary. The nextbpart of the meeting includes spiritual reading and administrative matters. Each member briefly reports how he or she has fulfilled the tasks assigned to them at the previous meeting. Each member is encouraged to perform substantial active Legionary work i.e. hospital visits, helping at the soup kitchen, home visits to Little Sisters of the Poor and other works of Mercy. We will also discuss and read a chapter of the Handbook of the Legion. Then the Catena Legionis is prayed and the president or a member who is assigned will give a short sermon or allocutio.


Finally the new tasks are assigned for the legionaries by the president for the coming week. Each meeting ends with the concluding prayers of the Tessera and a prayer for Frank Duff’s beautification.


Frank Duff founded the Legion of Mary on September 7, 1921 in Dublin, Ireland.


The Legion of Mary’s members also conducts the Rosary and the Novena at the Cathedral every Saturday at 5.30pm and 6pm respectively.


The essential aim of the Legion of Mary is the sanctification of its members through prayer and spiritual works, the sacraments and devotion to Mother Mary and Holy Trinity and through the apostolate of the Legion.       


For more information about the Legion of Mary, kindly contact:

  • President, Linda Kow via email: lin_eggers@yahoo.comor
  • Secretary, Jaisentha Raj via email: jaisenthanalini@gmail.com