2 thoughts on “Chancery Notice: Events not endorsed by Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur

  1. To whom it may concern
    Good evening, my is Kassia Harriet Yoshida
    I live in Gunma Ken Takasaki shi Shinmachi 3268-1 J132 Japan in the name of God please
    Help my loved ones(Oscar Reece and daughter Wendy 14) that are in KL he started his project and no place to stay please I beg of you to help my beloved ones please .My brother’s-in-law cousin was the Archibishop of Brazil Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns (in memórian Be God Peace upon him) here is my contact number in Japan +81 506870 5361 please I beg of you help them out

    1. Dear Kassia,

      We are responding based on your request for assistance. However, the details you have provided are very vague. Have you contacted your Embassy here in Malaysia for assistance? If not, please do.

      Alternatively, please drop the details of your loved ones, such as
      1. Full Name
      2. Passport details
      3. Mobile no
      4. Email address
      to our email soccomm@stjohnkl.com.my and we will get the relevant officials to contact and assist them.

      The Social Communication Team, Cathedral of St John the Evangelist

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