There is so much joy in giving! (A PIHD Activity) on 12th January 2019


In the spirit of giving with joy, the Cathedral of St John the Evangelist saw almost 300 refugee and underprivileged children from 5 organizations make merry with joy and love the recent Christmas celebrations.

Organized by the Parish Integral Human Development Ministry (PIHD) for the third consecutive year, the Christmas party took place on Saturday 12th January 2019, at the grounds of the Cathedral. The event allowed for the community to come together in one way or another, and devote themselves to creating something that gave meaning and purpose – giving the children a platform to celebrate the birth of Christ. The generous donations of parishioners allowed for gifts to be purchased, and a lot of the logistics to be taken care of. It was indeed a delight seeing those who sacrificed their Saturday morning and volunteered to spend their time with the children. They found joy serving the children and were amused when some of the smaller kids kept running up to them, tugging on to their T-shirts asking for more ice- cream.

With an array of games organized by the Parish youth group (SJYM), a variety of good food, diverse performances and loads of Christmas presents, we are certain that it was a memorable day for all who attended and the objective of spreading joy was definitely met!

One of the Myanmarese children received a watch as a present. It was the smallest present and his friends laughed at him. But his teacher saw him grinning from ear to ear and was very happy with his gift, because he doesn’t have a watch.

As the saying goes, giving is not just about making a donation or the size of the gift, it is about making a difference!

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