St Michael BEC Monthly Gathering – November 2017


Our November BEC Gathering was held at the lovely home of Lew and Mary Ann McMullen. It was also the very last time they will be hosting our BEC Gathering as they have decided to move back to their native home in Australia.


After 8 years of wonderful journeys on our shores, I know it is not an easy decision to uproot the home that they love so much here! I suppose it just naturally reaches a point where they wanted to focus on family; their ageing parents and most importantly giving support to their children.


Our evening started off with the Evening Prayer followed by challenging issues brought about in our November Reflection messages! It says everyone will receive Salvation even if you are not a believer in Jesus Christ. Then why do we bother to evangelise, I often wonder? 



First, some argue that the “Great Commission” was only given to the apostles and therefore does not apply to us today. While it is true that contextually the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) was given to the apostles, it was not only for the apostles. The command “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you” certainly includes the command to make disciples. What had Jesus commanded the apostles? Among many other things, he commanded them to preach the gospel to the whole of creation. So this command of Jesus given to the apostles also applies to every believer today. Right?


Next, we went on to wonder why God planted the tree for Jonah overnight and then took it away overnight! [Jonah 4:6].  So naturally, Jonah is mad at the Lord. Is the Lord trying to teach him a lesson? The Lord states that Jonah mourns the loss of the tree which came up in a day and was also lost in a day–a nothing and trivial thing.  Yet the city of Nineveh had sixscore thousand people (Jonah 4:11) who didn’t know any better and Jonah thought their preservation was a bad thing?  By so doing, the Lord is showing Jonah that his priorities are more than a bit messed up. This is something we all need to be careful of, not to let our own wants and desires blind us to what is truly important.


As usual, our beautiful evening ended with the sharing of our Pot Luck dishes.  The highlight of our Pot Luck was a yummy, moist Christmas cake from Henriette. Many of us even when ahead to have a second helping! 


The McMullen’s have left an enormous impact on our St Michael  BEC. It is definitely not a goodbye, at least not for me, but see you both later! On behalf of our St Michael BEC, we want them to know that they are always welcome and we look forward to a peaceful 2018 and having both of them to join us during their holiday break back in Malaysia.




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