The BEC of St. Michael: Parish Priest Visit and BEC Gathering, June 2017

In June, our parish priest, Msgr. Leonard Lexson, visited 18 BEC Homes. For many, this was the very first time a priest visited them in their home. During these visits, Msgr. Lexson blessed the homes of the faithful, their family members and friends, especially the homebound, and even the pets of these homes. Prayers were said, specifically, the Holy Rosary of Our Lady. Msgr. Lexson’s visit reminded us that our homes are also meant to act as humble churches and that each time a “religious” event such as our monthly BEC Gathering is hosted, our homes transform into a Church with our Lord present! For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20 

Msgr. Lexson spent approximately 20 to 45 minutes at the parishioners’ homes, taking time to get to know each family and share in fellowship. Msgr. ended these visits with the comment that he was grateful every family had extended their warmth and hospitality, making the visits very pleasant.

“This is how I get to know our BEC families better,” he said, “people are generous and kind and loving, and really make me feel at home.”  

The day was busy, and nearing the time to visit the last two homes, Msgr. was exhausted. The long day was further lengthened with our BEC’s request for Msgr. to attend our Monthly BEC Gathering for June.

Nevertheless, Msgr. stayed until the end of our BEC evening, chatting along with fellow BEC members and enjoying some of our shared refreshments. During this time of fellowship, Msgr. Lexson commented that our the BEC of St. Michael has great potential to be leaders in our Catholic community in ways of togetherness and fellowship; the BEC of St Michael is undeniably a community of faithful Catholics, who through our brotherhood, can do great things for our Lord.

Msgr. Lexson ended his day of visits with an expression of appreciation for the great day he had spent with us. We look forward to his return to our community in the near future!

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