Hospitality Ministry’s Christmas Get-together 2020

The gift of fellowship and love are the basic ingredients of a truly wonderful Christmas – with this in mind, the Hospitality Ministry of the Cathedral of St John the Evangelist, hosted its Christmas Get-together party on Sunday, 5th January 2020 at the Community Centre of the cathedral.

The celebrations kicked off with an opening prayer by Msgr Leonard Lexson, after which a few words of encouragement and well wishes were shared by Msgr Lexson and the Hospitality Ministry Coordinator, Mark Ira.

Apart from the 30 hospitality ministers from the local, Filipino, Myanmar and African groups, the celebrations were also graced by the presence of our resident priest, Fr. Biju and the Liturgy Coordinator, Eria Raja Lourdes.



Besides an array of delicious dishes cooked with love by the ministers themselves – the day was filled with laughs and enjoyment as everyone was entertained by the line-up of multi-talented hospitality ministers.






















The celebrations came to an end, with Fr Biju leading the closing prayer. It truly was a day filled with love. It is the simple things, like coming together in one spirit, that makes Christmas and serving Christ so beautifully meaningful.

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