The BEC of St. Michael: BEC Gathering, August 2017

A small group of St Michael BEC faithful’s gather at the residence of Irene for a rewarding exchange about the Eucharist.  It was a subtle and yet very spiritual discussion. There will signs of a spiritual awakening, though everyone walks their own unique, individual path. Some experiences may also come as spiritual wake-up calls, to help us get back on track, spiritually.

As Catholics, we know the Eucharist is the spiritual nourishment that we so desperately need. The historic confessions of the church consistently speak with the language of nourishing and sustaining us. We are people with a physical life and a spiritual life. Whereas the one is sustained by physical and material bread, the other is sustained by the “bread from heaven.” And so Christ “nourishes, strengthens, comforts . . . relieves and renews” our “poor, desolate souls”. No pastoral care ministry of any sort can do better!

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