The BEC of St Michael: Feast Day Mass – 29th September 2017

St Michael BEC celebrated our Home Mass on our Feast Day – 29th September 2017. We saw a gathering together of 40 odd people of all ages to share the evening filled with the Holy Spirit.


Monsignor Leonard celebrated the Feast Day Mass at the beautiful home of John & Elizabeth Kuruvilla.  He was assisted by two altar servers, Joseph and Samuel.  The reading, responses and prayers were clearly articulated by Dr Anthony and Mary Ann.  As for the hymns, the melodious voices of the BEC members were accompanied by Shaman’s perfect guitar playing skills.


Msgr. Leonard’s Homily told us that an angel brings life, colour and joy back to the living – to open Heaven for all to view,  however fleetingly.  There is more to the business of living than cold analysis and rationalism allows.  Messengers of God, messengers of grace,  messengers of delightful living are around. Away with tedium, away with despair. Let the beauty and tenderness and love and joy of God be seen.  The God who cares for individuals provides for them, guides them, and therefore employs messengers/angels to do it.  Rejoice!  Keep alive your faith and angels will be seen, and if they sometimes look like all too ordinary people, don’t be surprised.  In Scripture, angels are often mistaken for people – so you never know, 


After Mass, the BEC members continued the fellowship with their pot-bless dinner, where members brought a delightful selection of home-cooked dishes for everyone to share and enjoy.  Constant chatter abound all around the Kuruvilla residence as BEC members took the time to catch up on the latest news and happenings with their friends.  The members of the BEC of St Michael enjoy a close kinship which was very apparent as they went around the room greeting each other.


Unfortunately, as even all good things must come to an end, the evening wound down at 10:20 pm with Msgr taking his leave to return to the Cathedral.


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